How can concrete jewelry be sustainable?
Compared to regular gold, silver or other metal jewelry, much fewer chemicals are used in the production of concrete jewelry. In addition, much less CO² is released during the production of concrete than is the case with metals. And concrete is more environmentally friendly than its reputation: as researchers have now discovered, carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere during its production. But: Finished products made of concrete and cement absorb almost half of the amount of CO² over the course of their life. More on this

In addition, we use almost exclusively natural materials in our concrete mixes, such as marble sand, sand, basalt grit, water, etc. And our consumption of sand is not in proportion to other fashion accessories made of glass, such as glasses or watches. Sand is only a small part of our concrete mix and our jewelry pieces only weigh a few grams. In order to use our materials responsibly, we waste almost no leftovers because we weigh our mixtures exactly for each casting.

We also use a large amount of recycled silver for our silver pieces, making it better than most jewelry labels. We also use recycled materials in our concrete parts, such as copper we recycle from old power cables.

Whether a product is sustainable or not is not just determined by the material it is made of. But also how it is manufactured, distributed and packaged. Feel free to read on if you want to know more about this. ☺️



Where and how is your concrete jewelry made?
In our factory in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, we make all concrete parts by hand. We do everything ourselves here - from the design and mold making to casting and finishing touches. Our products go through up to 27 different work steps and only the mixing of the concrete and the grinding are done by a machine. We always pay attention to fair wages and good working conditions for our employees. And not just in our own production, but also at our suppliers.


GREEN FRIDAY is a countermovement to BLACK FRIDAY. On this day we don't give out utopian discounts, but rather donate part of our income to social projects, such as OroVerde in 2019. The Tropical Forest Foundation OroVerde is committed to preserving tropical rainforests.



Do you also support social projects?
In any case! We even support various projects. For example, we sponsor each of our team members for an orphaned baby elephant from the " Sheldrick Wildlife Trust " through donations to the association " Save the Elephants of Africa eV ". In addition, one tree is planted for each piece of concrete jewelry sold and per shipping packaging through our cooperation with the organization “ One Tree Planted ”. And instead of taking part in Black Friday, we are part of the "Green Friday" countermovement and donate a full 20% of our income to social projects on this day, such as OroVerde in 2019. The Tropical Forest Foundation OroVerde is committed to preserving tropical rainforests. More on this



What is the shipping box made of?

Our shipping box is made from recycled corrugated cardboard and is printed with a CMYK palette and eco-friendly inks . In addition , one tree is planted per shipping box. The boxes are made in Poland with an attractive design.

Tip: Our boxes are so pretty that they are perfect as gift packaging.



What is the filling material in my Concrete Jungle package made of?

Our filling material is called PresentFill and is made from 100% recycled paper made from secondary materials that are chlorine and acid free. The material is 100% manufactured and processed in Germany.

Tip: Gifts can be wrapped stylishly and safely with our decorative filling material.



What does the jewelry box consist of?

Our ECO jewelry boxes are made from FSC®-certified cardboard and with water-based glue. The boxes are produced in Denmark in an attractive design.

FSC ® certified products
The FSC ® mark is a guarantee that the materials used come from an FSC ® forest in which only those trees that the forest can reproduce are felled. It also means that plant and animal life is managed responsibly, forest workers are trained, wear safety equipment and are paid appropriately.




Do you also sell B-stock?
Unfortunately not at the moment. Since we find it a shame to simply throw away products with small defects (such as air bubbles, rough edges, few crystals or color errors), we are already working on a solution. Everyone has flaws and wants to be loved - our less-than-perfect products do too.