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So that the generations after us can also benefit from our planet, we are investing in its future. Because we care about nature and believe that it urgently needs help, we plant one tree for every product sold and donated the 3% VAT savings to One Tree Planted in 2020. One Tree Planted is a non-profit©3 organization and currently operates projects to reforest forests in Africa, North America, Asia and South America. One Tree Planted focuses on restoring wildlife habitat, as well as reclaiming the soil and watershed. Above all, the organization also cares about improving the living spaces of the locals, who are very dependent on the forest.

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Compared to regular gold, silver or other metal jewelry, much less CO² is released during the production of concrete jewelry. And concrete is more environmentally friendly than its reputation: as researchers have discovered, carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere during its production. But finished products made of concrete and cement actually absorb almost half of the amount of CO² over the course of their life.

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And that's why we support the association "Save the Elephants of Africa eV" - for each of our employees we sponsor an elephant orphan who was rescued by the "Sheldrick Wildlife Trust" and thus help the elephant babies to be lovingly raised, fed and rehabilitated can. Founded more than 40 years ago, Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is best known for the world's first and most successful elephant orphan rescue and rehabilitation program. They take all measures necessary to preserve and protect wild animals - including combating poaching, protecting the natural environment, raising public awareness and providing veterinary support for animals in need.

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GREEN FRIDAY is a countermovement to BLACK FRIDAY. On this day we donate part of our income to social projects, such as OroVerde in 2019 and the Frankfurt education and ecology project "die Bienenretter" in 2020. The Tropical Forest Foundation OroVerde has been committed to preserving tropical rainforests for 30 years. Nature conservation and development work go hand in hand, because the protection of the rainforests can only work in the long term with local people. At the same time, OroVerde addresses consumer issues, i.e. the influence of consumers here on the environmental and living conditions in rainforest regions. “The bee rescuers” take care of the preservation of the bees here in Frankfurt. The abstract concept of sustainability is made tangible and understandable using the example of the death of bees. They explain how important bees are for our survival and convey the dependencies between environmental protection, social responsibility and economic activity. Together with children and young people, flowering meadows are planted as an important food source for insects.

Did you actually know?


Concrete can be recycled because it consists almost entirely of natural materials. Unfortunately, this is currently done far too rarely in the construction industry. We use the small amount of concrete leftovers and small pieces of broken castings to cast other objects from. In order to use our planet's resources responsibly, sand is only a small part of our concrete mixes and we refine our concrete pieces with recycled materials, such as recycled copper from old power cables.

Our jewelry components are largely made from recycled silver to make it better than most jewelry labels. The silver comes from the regional family company Heraeus. The technology group specializing in precious metals is "Responsible Jewelery Council" certified and is therefore obliged to adhere to the principles for responsible corporate practice from mining to trading - these include, among other things, the ban on corruption, the abolition of child and forced labor, the guarantee of fair wages and working conditions as well as compliance with specified environmental protection measures.



When it comes to our packaging, we also ensure that the materials are used responsibly. Our shipping box is made from recycled corrugated cardboard and printed with environmentally friendly inks. Our filling material is made from 100% recycled paper made from secondary materials that are chlorine and acid free. Our jewelry box is made from recycled cardboard and water-based glue.