Summer jewelry

The summer shine calls for bright colors, unique fashion and elegant designs - not only are our clothes presented in a much more eye-catching way than in the transitional months, but our unique pieces of jewelry are also getting the attention they deserve again - whether silver, gold or rose gold – summer jewelry is something very special!

Because summer calls for jewelry!

The summer shine calls for bright colors, unique fashion and elegant designs - not only are our clothes presented in a much more eye-catching way than in the transitional months, but our unique pieces of jewelry are also getting the attention they deserve again - whether silver , gold or rose goldsummer jewelry is something very special!

It is mostly playful and at the same time enchants our everyday life. Wide necklines, pinned up hair or a casual look perfectly showcase us and our favorite jewelry. Of course, it doesn't matter whether we prefer to wear subtle earrings in rose gold or even exposed necklaces with an elegant pendant in the sunshine. For the perfect summer look, it's a question of what is better to wear in everyday life. Because not everyone likes to present eye-catching gold or even pearls on warm summer days, even if this should perhaps be trend jewelry for the current season. It is and therefore remains a type question.

But what does it actually mean for me when jewelry follows a seasonal trend?

From the manufacturer's perspective, there are of course certain trends that are taken into account and promoted in production. These can be very simple and simple lines or completely contrasting and eye-catching large patterns and structures. No matter what piece of jewelry it is, the manufacturer also takes into account the metal used, among other things. Depending on the manufacturer, there may be gold rather than silver jewelry items in the showcases of our major retailers and designers. But what does this mean for the consumer?

Of course, we are initially a little at the mercy of larger manufacturers. Sometimes it's difficult to easily get the summer jewelry you really want in a boutique if everything follows a rigid line. With the generous offering from the numerous online shops and with individual production methods and real small manufacturers , access to jewelry is expanded and enriched many times over

The best jewelry trends for summer?

Therefore, it is also possible to move freely from the trends of the major manufacturers and to be able to choose what suits you precisely. Now it just depends on your own trend that you want to set with your summer jewelry :

If the sun's rays demand the perfect combination for our summer jewelry, then it's a good idea to first be clear about your style and your existing or desired outfits. Which colors suit my complexion and my character? What, if any, do I already have in my possession that may not have been suitable in recent years? Do I prefer to wear gold or silver? What preferences do I have for my everyday life? Would you rather have a stylish necklace or just simple and subtle earrings? Am I perhaps unconsciously the playful type? Which color can be combined with my favorite jewelry and does my jewelry perhaps reflect current trends wonderfully?

These and many other questions will help you think about your jewelry for the summer. With the right outfit and the right hairstyle, a necklace can look much more elegant than, for example, large and heavy earrings or bangles with bling. If it fits the occasion and puts you in the limelight adequately and stylishly, then a simple chain and the matching discreet-looking pendant can radiate far more elegance than most people intuitively assume. Anyone who likes to wear summer jewelry knows how important restraint is - especially when we wear colorful and eye-catching clothing to bring some of the summer freshness into everyday life. A necklace with pearls or heavy gold jewelry is not always appropriate. The summer jewelry trend depends largely on you as a person, your outfit and the occasion.

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Why does it make sense to not just follow current jewelry trends?

Jewelry trends are changeable trends. They adapt to the wishes of the customers and the respective “color of the season”. Therefore they are usually very changeable and fluctuating. Where the wearing of gold on jewelry may be apparent this year, it doesn't necessarily have to be the same next year. In the coming summer you will usually wear jewelry from a different color and style world, which at first glance may not always be very different from the previous season, but can look quite different when combined with other jewelry or with your favorite outfit.

That's why it's always a good idea to consider matching collections if you've fallen in love with a piece of jewelry after a long search. This expands the possible occasions on which you can wear jewelry in perfect harmony in summer. Matchingearrings to the necklace or a stylish bracelet should therefore always be considered when purchasing a unique piece. Because the jewelry of the coming season can sometimes be very different from the local design. Then it's usually very annoying if you haven't been able to enjoy other matching pieces of jewelry from this collection.

Which jewelry goes with your summer outfit?

When the sun shines, the heart shines - for example with a matching silver heart necklace . Our jewelry comes into its own in a special way, especially in summer. It is usually worn more freely and visibly on the body and does not have to be hidden behind thick transitional clothing or airy scarves. For a summery outfit , it is therefore advisable to really showcase our jewelry items. A chain can easily be presented freely on the skin together with its pendant . Silver-colored earrings also have their place in summer! Anyone who likes to wear long hair can showcase the entire neck area and ears in perfect harmony with a simple braid or bun and celebrate summer.

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It therefore only plays a limited role which trend prevails this year. What can be worn and what can be presented as jewelry in summer depends on you, your outfit and the occasion. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your skin and with your shiny jewelry. Then you can enjoy summer to the fullest with your personal jewelry preferences!