Ringgröße messen - So einfach geht's

Measuring ring size - it's that easy

You probably know your shoe or dress size off the top of your head, but what about your ring size? Do you also know your exact ring size or that of your loved one? Probably not, but that's not a problem: in this article you'll learn how to measure your ring size using simple means.

You probably know your shoe or dress size off the top of your head, but what about your ring size? Do you also know your exact ring size or that of your loved one? Probably not, but that's not a problem: in this article you'll learn how to measure your ring size using simple means. If you want to buy a beautiful ring online, propose to your sweetheart or surprise someone with a special ring, it is important to know the correct ring size and the exact inner diameter of the finger. A ring should fit perfectly, meaning it shouldn't be too big or too small, it shouldn't constrict the skin, but it shouldn't slip off your finger either. To determine the size of the ring, you don't have to go to a jeweler or buy a template. But how do you determine the ring size?

Whether it's a gift for your loved one, a special someone or for yourself, you can measure the ring size yourself using a few simple methods. You can use a table, a ring size template or a strip of paper to determine the appropriate ring size and determine the ring diameter or inner diameter. Basically, there are two things to pay particular attention to: firstly, you should of course measure the ring size on the correct finger, i.e. where the ring will later be worn. On the other hand, you should note that the ring will later also fit over your knuckle, which means you should be able to slip the ring onto your finger without any problems.

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Determine ring size using 3 methods

But how exactly can you measure the ring size? There are many situations in which you can use this information: Measuring the right ring size is especially important if you want to buy a nice ring online and don't have a suitable ring on hand, or if you want to propose to your loved one and therefore, for the exact inner diameter of the ring, you have to measure the finger circumference or the ring size. We'll show you how to easily determine the right ring size.

The typical ring sizes usually differ for men and women. For women, ring sizes are between 49 and 59, with the average “ring size for women” being between 50 and 54. When it comes to “men’s ring size” things are a little different: Here the ring sizes are usually between 56 and 69. But be careful: When measuring the ring size, it is important to take the time of day, age and season into account, as these also have factors influence when you want to determine the correct ring size and can vary. With the following tips you can easily determine the size of the ring.

Method 1: Measure ring size with finger circumference

Quickly and easily measure the ring size: You can easily measure the circumference of your finger with just a few accessories and you can also use this method when your loved one is sleeping, because you only need one finger of your hand to measure the ring size and a little skill.

For this method you will need scissors, a ruler, a strip of paper and a ballpoint pen. Then cut the strip of paper about 10 cm long and place it tightly around the selected finger. Then mark the place where the paper overlaps. Then measure the length from the marked point to the end of the strip. For example, if it is 5.4 cm, you convert it to mm - i.e. 54 mm - and this way you can measure the exact ring size.

Alternatively, you can also use a string that you wrap around your finger and then measure the length as described above and convert it to millimeters so that you can precisely determine the ring size. Both methods lead to the same result and you can easily measure the ring size with them without much effort.

Method 2: Use a ring size template

An even easier way to determine the size of your loved one's ring without him or her noticing is the ring size template. With a template you can read the size of the ring in just a few seconds and you don't have to make a special trip to the jewelry store. You can find many printable templates online that show the "ring size for men" or for women. Simply print out the template, then place a ring that the person wears frequently on the ring template and simply read the value. This is a simple way to determine ring diameter and ring size and is also the easiest of all mentioned here, provided you have a ring on hand that you or the person wears on the correct finger. If this is not the case, you will have to resort to the other two methods presented here so that you can measure the ring size, but don't worry: these are also easy to implement and measure at least as precisely if you carefully follow our tips on how to use them.

Method 3: Determine the ring size using the inner diameter

There is another effective method if you want to measure the ring size and have a calculator at hand: simply determine the inside diameter and use that to calculate the ring size. In the first step, measure the inside diameter of your ring with a ruler. So you place one half of the ring on the ruler and determine the length. Then a little math comes into play: the circumference of a circle (in this case, the size of the ring) is equal to the diameter times 3.14 (this number is also known as "pi"). Here's a small example: Let's say the diameter of your ring is 16 mm. Then you calculate: 15 mm x 3.14 = 47.1 mm (rounded down to 47 mm). This way you can precisely measure your ring size and all you need is a ruler, a calculator and the part of your memory in which the number 3.14 is stored.

But if you don't feel like doing the math, you can also look for a conversion table online that will show you the exact size of the ring for each inner diameter. You can quickly find a conversion table and, if necessary, you can create it yourself using the method shown above, but that would be too much effort. Regardless of whether you do the math yourself or use a conversion table on the internet, both will get you there when you want to determine the ring size.

Tip: Measure the ring size - you should pay attention to this

If you want to determine the correct size of the ring, it is important to pay attention to the time of day, the season and possibly the age of the recipient, as all of these factors can influence the ring size. In the evening the fingers are generally warmer and slightly larger than in the morning. That's why it's best to always measure your ring size in the evening. The right ring size also depends on the temperatures. When it's colder, the fingers contract, while when it's warm they expand. Accordingly, fingers are generally wider in summer than in the winter months and you should look at the calendar when measuring your ring size. It is also important to pay attention to the ring width. If the ring band is wider, you should choose one size larger when choosing the ring. However, if the ring band is narrow, a smaller size is recommended.

The selection of the finger on which the ring will later sit is also crucial if you want to measure the ring size. The thickness of the left fingers may differ from the thickness of the right fingers. If you want to measure the correct ring size for an engagement ring, it should also be measured on the ring finger of your left hand. In general, you can only measure the appropriate ring size if the correct finger and position is selected. As a rule, the ring sits between the second and third phalanx of the finger. But rings are also nice to look at on the thumb, index or middle finger and this aspect should be taken into account when measuring the ring size.

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Ring size can change based on certain factors and life circumstances. For example through pregnancy. Due to water retention, it makes sense not to buy a ring until after pregnancy. Age also plays a big role in determining the right ring size. If the ring still fits at a young age at the beginning of the marriage, it may no longer fit optimally decades later. Weight loss and gain or illnesses such as osteoarthritis can change the ring size over time, so it makes sense to measure every few years.

Finding the right ring size is no problem if you know what options are available. Whether it's a tape measure, paper strips or a ring size chart, all three methods can save you time and also provide a successful surprise if you don't want to buy the ring for yourself. If in doubt, you would have to take the person to the jeweler to have the ring size measured, which would somewhat ruin the surprise element of the gift. But with the methods presented here, you can easily measure the appropriate ring size, even if the person is sleeping and therefore doesn't notice. You can then use the information you have collected to order the right ring from the retailer of your choice and voila: the marriage proposal or surprise is perfect.

We recommend that you carefully consider all of the above advice because, as already mentioned, even the time of year can affect the ring size. And nothing is worse than a ring that doesn't fit, especially if the ring is custom-made. In this case, you might want to visit a jeweler instead, because it's better to be safe than sorry. Nevertheless, our methods shown also work perfectly and, when used correctly, can also precisely measure the correct ring size. We hope you have fun trying it out!