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Necklace closure types – the right hook for every necklace

Each pot has its lid. And so every necklace has its clasp. Magnetic clasps, snap hooks, toggle clasps and more ensure that your necklace stays firmly on your neck day after day. The different clasps for chains all have their strengths. Some are particularly inconspicuous, while others are even directly visible on the chain pendant.
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Each pot has its lid. And so every necklace has its clasp. Magnetic clasps, snap hooks, toggle clasps and more ensure that your necklace stays firmly on your neck day after day. The different clasps for chains all have their strengths. Some are particularly inconspicuous, while others are even directly visible on the chain pendant. Have you paid attention to the clasp when buying a necklace? Or is it just the look of the chain that counts for you? We will explain to you here what the importance of the right clasp is and which clasp is best suited for which chains. Just read on and experience your aha moment.

Necklace: Clasp types from A to Z

There is no one perfect jewelry clasp. Every designer works with different chain clasps because they all have advantages and disadvantages. For some the focus is on the look, for others it's just the function. So that you don't lose track of the jungle of jewelry clasps, here are the clasps that are best known:

  • magnetic clasps,
  • toggle fasteners,
  • bolt ring locks,
  • lobster clasps,
  • Hook and eye fasteners and
  • Box closures.

    Everyone among the goldsmiths certainly has their favorites. Have you ever thought about why your favorite necklace has the clasp? We will tell you about the types of chain clasps.

    Carabiner hook – The classic chain clasp

    There is probably a necklace or bracelet with a lobster clasp in your jewelry box. The small, inconspicuous clasp is often used for necklaces and bracelets. You can easily recognize it by its shape: one end of the chain is on a small gold or silver carabiner hook that can be opened with a small pin. At the other end of the chain is a small ring. The carabiner grabs into the eyelet and the chain is closed. A chain clasp can be so simple. And it is not only simple, but also stable. The big brother, the normal carabiner hook, is mainly found in the sporting sector: when sailing, climbing or mountaineering, you can't avoid using the hook for security. No wonder that the carabiner has also made it into the world of jewelry. In the small, delicate design made of precious metal, it provides a good hold for necklaces and bracelets and is also easy to open and close. The chain clasp with snap hook is located behind the neck when worn and is not visible.

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    Magnetic clasps for attractive jewelry

    If you don't have the dexterity for the small snap hook, you'll be happy with a chain with a magnetic clasp. This jewelry clasp has two attracting magnets at each end of the necklace. As soon as they approach, the chain closes. This has the advantage that closing it is quick and easy - even if you can't see the closure. That sounds pretty perfect. But the magnetic closure also has a disadvantage: First of all, hair can get caught between the magnets. That sucks! In addition, the strength of the strongest magnets also decreases when you pull hard. As soon as the small child pulls on the chain, the clasps come loose. That's why a magnetic clasp is primarily suitable for necklaces and bracelets without heavy pendants.

    Toggle clasps – optical highlight for sporty jewelry

    Most jewelry clasps should be as subtle and delicate as possible. This is because they are usually located on the back of the neck and are otherwise just a nuisance under the hair. The toggle closure is different. He wants to be seen. The gag is a stick that is passed through a ring. This ring is so big that the toggle won't fit through it. This means it can't slide through the ring on its own, but only if you want it to. Toggles and rings are often design elements in necklaces and are therefore more than just a jewelry clasp. Designer names or loving messages are sometimes engraved into the rings. For example, the toggle and ring can also be set with gemstones and are a visual highlight. Sometimes you no longer need an additional pendant on the chain. If so, it can be a little heavier because toggle fasteners are robust and stable. We also used the clasp for our heart necklace and love the elegant design.

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    Heart necklace JASMINA | Gray Rosé

    Necklace Clasp Types: The box clasp

    The box clasp is an elegant jewelry clasp that is usually used in bracelets. It consists of two parts that fit together perfectly and a slider. As soon as the two parts click into place with the slider, the bracelet is securely closed. This jewelry clasp is not only easy to close, but also represents a design element. Decorated with gemstones or concrete, it can look like a small pendant or an additional chain link. This means that the clear lines of the jewelry are not interrupted by the clasp. Unfortunately, with frequent use, the pressure of the slider can weaken and the chain no longer closes properly.

    Hook-and-eye clasp – The most elegant of jewelry clasps

    The hook-and-eye fastener is probably one of the oldest fasteners. There is an eyelet at one end of the necklace. This can be shaped as desired, for example like the infinity symbol. At the other end of the chain there is a small hook that fits perfectly into the eyelet and thereby closes the necklace. Closing the chain and bracelet is very easy, but unfortunately the hook can quickly slip out of the eyelet. That's why such jewelry clasps are more suitable for heavy chains so that the hook and eye are under some tension.

    Bolt ring clasps – The secure chain clasps

    A bolt ring clasp works similarly to the lobster clasp. The difference is that a ring is equipped with a bolt that is pressed down using a small rod. This means that the eyelet can be grasped from the other end of the chain with a rod. Jewelry clasps with a bolt hold very reliably and are just as suitable for statement necklaces as for delicate pearl jewelry.

    Necklace clasp types made of precious metal - so that you don't lose your jewelry

    Maybe you know it: you wear a beautiful necklace and dance wildly at the party. A fabulous evening with friends and good music - nothing can dampen your mood. During a quick stop to the toilet you look in the mirror and – shock! Your beloved necklace is gone. Jewelry clasps made of cheap materials such as plastic in particular quickly dissolve or break off. That's why it's important to pay attention not only to the appearance of the chain, but also to the material. No matter how beautiful a pendant is, if the chain clasp is not made of precious metal, it will not hold the piece of jewelry in the long term.

    In addition, the clasp must of course match the chain: a fine, delicate link chain needs a discreet clasp that fits perfectly into the design. A chunky necklace, on the other hand, would just look weird with a delicate lobster clasp. It's a good thing that there is the right jewelry clasp for every necklace.

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    Concrete Jungle – Our clasp types for necklaces and bracelets

    We only use clasp types for our jewelry that we are really convinced of. We adapt the jewelry clasps individually to the respective necklace. This is only possible because we make the jewelry by hand in our factory. Our slightly more eye-catching heart necklace closes with an attractive, engraved toggle clasp. Visually, this clasp is a perfect complement to the heart pendant. On the other hand, we usually provide our delicate chains with a lobster clasp or bolt ring clasp. The practical thing about it is that you can use these clasps to regulate the length of the chain. There are special eyelets at one end of the chain for this. What clasp does your favorite necklace have? With us you can rely on the jewelry clasps to deliver what they promise - namely your new favorite necklace.